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Parents Press Newsletter

Immaculate Conception has enjoyed a long standing reputation of being an exceptional Catholic faith based neighborhood school that espouses to nurture the academic, athletic, social, and spiritual needs of our children. We are fortunate to be surrounded by loving families, caring teachers, diligent administration, a fabulous environment, and many social offerings that enhance our core curriculum.

Since 1909, Immaculate Conception School has taught tens of thousands of boys and girls. Our mission is to prepare our students academically, spiritually, physically, and socially for high school and life. This statement is brief and to the point, but the task becomes increasingly challenging in our ever changing world. It is with the combined efforts of the parish priests, the professional teachers, dedicated parents, and supportive parishioners that enable us to fulfill our mission.

Structured learning at Immaculate Conception, begins in our National Association for the Education of Young Children accredited early education program and continues through eighth grade. The curriculum reaches beyond the basics of religion, language arts, social studies, math, and science to include technology facilitation, Spanish, music, art, and physical education. Our co-curricular programs will continue to offer students ample opportunities to pursue their interest in extended music, drama, athletic, reading, art, science, technology, academic, and leadership activities. Faith development is an integral part of daily school life. Each day begins and ends with community prayer lead by administration and students. Liturgical celebrations, sacramental, and stewardship opportunities are important parts of our program.

Qualified, dedicated teachers and staff, many of whom have been recognized by Who’s Who Among American Teachers and one staff member who was recently named as National Catholic Education Association’s most distinguished teacher in our region, are the backbone of Immaculate Conception School. Their commitment, example, and sacrifice for our students are needed more today then ever before. It is by their example that students learn to accept the responsibility necessary to become Christian citizens, aware of the global extension of their faith.

In this ever changing world, it is very important to stay abreast of programs and activities that will better prepare our students for a world that they will, one day, influence. To this end, we will purposefully look at our school day, review how we use our instructional time, continue to examine how the faculty shares leadership responsibility, seek creative ways to share good information, continue to grow professionally, explore opportunities to better use our parent volunteers, expand our programs, and monitor the affordability factor.

Our school is not a “fait accompli,” on the contrary, it continues to be a work in progress.

School Board Officers:

Jay Thompson - President
Mary Dosek - Vice President
Karol Grib - Recording Secretary
Joe Jummati - Corresponding Secretary
Eileen Kelly - Athletic Committee Rep
Beth Carroll - Parents Club Rep
Andrea Warner -Parents Club Rep

Yvonne Afable
Renee Baio
Patricia Furgat
Larry Lusk
Kathleen Schnier

Staff Representatives:

Bernadette Felicione (Principal)
Fr. Eric Meyer (Pastor)

Parents Club

The Immaculate Conception Parents Club is a suport organization of Immaculate Conception School, whose purpose is to coordinate the spiritual and educational activities of home and school. Members offer information of a particular interest to parents, encourage the maintenance of high standards of family life, and help create a greater appreciation of Catholic Education. The Parents Club has three major functions; social, fundraising and service.

Through the fundraising efforts of the Ways and Means Committee, Parents Club provides for the many extras that tuition does not cover, such as: the Fine Arts Programs and Great Books training, the Teacher's Wish List, Student Council, 8th Grade Outing, and the 8th Grade Mass and Brunch. Parents Club members provide meals for our families in times of crisis. volunteer as Room Parents, assist faculty, staff the library, and coordinate uniform sales. Members provide important legislative information that would affect our school on local, State and Federal levels.

Parents Club is also a social group, and activities such as skating parties and Ice Cream Socials help to accomplish this. General meetings are held three times a year.

Parents Club Officers: 
Mary McGovern - President
Eileen Tom - Vice President
Samantha Tuminaro - Corresponding Secretary
Kristyn Fronczak - Treasurer
Anita Bolin - Recording Secretary
Iris Fligelman - School Board Representitive

Athletic Committee:
Jim Shannon - Chairman
Tom Carden - Vice Chairman
Maureen McInerney - Treasurer
Mike Gremo - Food Director
Cathy Olijynk - Girls' Althletic Director
Mike Nolan - Boys' Athletic Director
Sue Canzoneri - Assistnt Principal
Bill Clucas
Eileen Kelly